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Es klingt paradox, aber die deutsche Solartechnologie ist auch mehr...

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Ohne ungutes Gefühl packt sich kaum jemand mehr den Tiger in mehr...

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Nach kleinen Anfängen in den Neunzigerjahren beschäftigt die Schmack mehr...

Partners in motion


We have always spent a lot of energy helping our customers to save energy. Continually increasing energy prices make it essential for companies to reduce their operating costs in order to remain competitive. The fact that almost 2/3 of industrial electrical energy consumption is used by drive components, motors, inverters and similar devices creates a demand for drive products and services with high energy efficiency.

We are well aware of our responsibility to the environment and our customers, and sustainability has been an important part of our company policy for many years. Because of this, we have consistently orientated both our range of products and our production facilities to finding and implementing potential energy saving initiatives and ideas.

Drive solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS are highly regarded - not just because of their high energy-efficiency. The industry relies on our products and know-how, particularly for the generation of alternative energies such as wind power, solar energy and hydro-electric power stations.